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Mom Mother's Day 2012 May 15, 2012
Son, (I always loved calling you that)
This was my first Mother's Day 5/13/12 without you since the year you were born. 
I took you with me all day and everywhere I went. I missed you, Teo missed you, Tamara, Devin, Darian and Camryn missed you.  We all miss you every single day. It wasn't the same without you.  We didn't do it the same.  We didn't cook at home.  We went to church, out to eat, and then to visit you.  We love you son and can't wait til the day we see you again.  Life is so different now.  We are all trying to be strong and trying not to be sad all the time.  We know you wouldn't want us to be sad. when I close my eyes and picture your beautiful smile that makes me smile.  You were so cute Dustin and had so many fine qualities. I don't understand it and maybe never will. I know God knows why, but who am I to question God. All I can do is continue to trust him.  I love you forever!!  Mom
Mom Baby Aligators May 6, 2012
Wow!  We have so many memories of you and we are blessed to have them.  I remember one day you came home from riding your bike with a big smile on your face and to our surprise 3 baby aligators in your back pack.  You put them in the round plastic container added water and called us to come see. We were like what are you doing with those aligators and you just smiled from ear to ear. You wanted to keep them as pets but,Teo told you that you couldn't keep them and to go bring them back to their mama.  You really wanted to keep them, but understood that you couldn't.  When you rode off with the aligators we stood watching you ride away and said that boy is always into something. :) 
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