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Mom My Dreams February 19, 2014
Morning Son, Thanks for visiting me in my dreams early this morning. I couldn't sleep last night I was so worried about Lita and finally fell asleep for about 30 minutes. I'm so glad I did because you came to visit me. You were around 10 years old and had on the red basketball tank you use to wear. Teo was getting your bike out for you and I opened my arms and asked you for a hug. You were at that reluctant, but willing stage and I told you "don't think you're to big to hug now." You laughed, I laughed, we smiled and hugged. The dream was bitter sweet. It was hard to pull myself together after I shared my dream with Teo. I miss you Dustin. I always will. I love you!
Mom School Days January 27, 2014
Hi Dusty Boo,I found yours and Devin's school days book. I haven't seen those books in so many years and I even forgot I had them. It was so good to go through your book and all your reports cards. I didn't cry Dustin. I smiled and look at your and Devin's pictures, reports, and notes with so much pleasure. So many memories.  I'm so glad I found those Saturday. I miss you Dustin, but God's grace and your memories keep me going. I love you Dut.
Bianca Loves you! January 24, 2014
So, I went to visit you the other day, My heart was heavy and sometimes coming to visit you calms me. I left these roses here for you and your mom came to visit you the same day or closely after I left those flowers for you. Heres a picture. Love and miss you with almost everything in me.

I attached your Mom's facebook comment. She had no clue who brought you these flowers, you made us both emotional during this time, I know you are amongst all of us all the time but we are feeling your spirit a little heavier more than ever lately. Love you, Miss you. Watch over us as we pray for you and remember the memories.

Mom YMCA Indian Guides Pinewood Derby January 24, 2014
I just visited my friend Gina and she showed me the car that they are preparing for her son to race in the Derby. It brought back the memory of your car and how it took 1st place. I told them the whole story of how Mr. Glenn asked you how you wanted it shaped and you told him just like his El Camino and he did. Teo slicked your wheels and your car won the overall Championship. People thought we were cheating, but they weighed it and knew it was right. It was a fast little El Camino and you took first place. What a great time we had that day and what a great time I had sharing your story today. I love you Son and miss you like crazy!
Mom Happy Easter Son! March 31, 2013

We thought about you today as we do everyday. I took D and Cam to take pictures with the Easter bunny and it reminded me of your pic. I love that pic. You're were so cute at age 4 and got cuter as the years went on and became a handsome young man. We love you Dustin. Teo misses you, Tamara misses you, Devin misses you D and Cam miss you so much. I love you Son and one day we will all be together again.
Mom So Many Memories January 5, 2013
Dustin, We miss you! Yesterday we all celebrated your 23rd birthday, your life, the 21 years you lived. We talked about you morning, day and night. You left us with so many memories. Everyone felt your spirit and your ever lasting love. We talked about things you did when you were little and we talked about the hell you put us through in your teenage years. What I wouldn't do to have those years back again.  I thank God for you Son and I can't wait until the day we are all together again. I love you Dut!
Mom I know you're with me December 17, 2012
Dustin, I believe on Friday after work or school every mother couldn't wait to go hug their children, and I couldn't wait to get to the cemetery to stand over you and talk to you. As I cried I felt your spirit. I miss you so much son and knowing that those parents will never see their kids again hurt me so bad. I know that God, you, and all the other angels received those precious kids into the Kingdom. I know you were their waiting with your big beautiful smile and your warm embrace. I love you Dustin and miss you so much. I can't say that enough. That night after feeling so close to you I dreamed about you. It had been a while and it was wonderful. Thank you son for visiting me in my dreams. I needed that so much. I love you Dusty Boo.
Mom Crystal Christmas Tree December 11, 2012
Dut, You know how Darian is with science. He reminds me of you with that.  He picked out a Crystal tree kit and set it up. The tree is about 3.5" tall and it came with everything needed including instructions. In just 20 minutes it starting forming crystals and in a few hours we he had this beautiful tree. We put it on your table and I shared with him how much you loved Christmas and how much I'm sure you love the tree. He was so proud of his tree.
Mom TCF's Candle Lighting December 10, 2012
We lit candles for you last night. To honor you Dustin!  We love you Son and miss you like there is no tomorrow. We will keep your spirit and memories alive and always, always shine your light. We love you Baby Boy with all that we are and all that we have. Teo, Mom, and Tamara
Mom Your First Angel Day 11/27/12 December 6, 2012
I don't even know where to start. I love you Dusty and miss you like crazy. One year without you!  Sometimes it feels like yesterday and sometimes it feels like a lifetime.  Everyone thought about you and sent sweet messages. Gigi, Jose, Nico, Giana, Bianca, Tia Ana, Rocio all went to the cemetery to visit and bring you flowers. Teo and I stood home all day and thought about you and talked about you like always even before you went to Heaven. When Tamara got off of school. We went to the cemetery. Brittney and Ariana also went to the cemetery. We all tried releasing sky lanterns, but it was too windy and got windy suddenly. Instead we ran all over the cemetery after the lit lanterns. lol... Darian and Camryn had a blast. They loved the lanterns.  It was the lanterns Tamara bought months ago. The lanterns Devin has been looking forward to releasing, but in the end he couldn't do it. It's hard for him. Teo said the wind was your doing. He said you wanted us to laugh and run around like crazy and not stand over you and cry. Smile  After we went to Kenner Seafood and ate one of your favorites. FRIED SHRIMP.  We all love and miss you so much Dustin. I don't understand all of this, but I trust you are with God, happy and in peace watching over us. Innocent
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