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Butterflies for Dustin
Mom September 23, 2013
My Birthday Present

I received a visit from this beautiful Monarch. The minute Teo and I walked out the screened in patio, it landed on my big toe and just sat there for a minute or two. After is flew around our heads and around your memorial garden and flew into the patio landed on the screen and let me take as many pictures as I pleased.  Uncle Mike and Tamara came in time to witness and take pics too. Now if that's not a birthday sign from you than I don't know what is. Kiss
Mom April 15, 2013
TCF Butterfly Release 2013

This beauty wouldn't leave Teo's hand and we more than welcomed it! We love you son and miss you like crazy! Cool
Mom December 6, 2012
Christmas will never be the same
image Dustin,

We miss you so much Son! It's so sad without you. I love you Dusty. Christmas or no other day will ever be the same without you. I may not be able to see you in the physical, but I know your spirit is with me.  I carry you everywhere I go.Wink I LOVE YOU DUSTIN!!!
Mom December 3, 2012
Christmas Butterfly Tree
image How neat is this tree?  A butterfly tree just for you Son. I know how much you loved Christmas. I love you!
Mom November 15, 2012
Camryn Caught a Monarch
image Dustin, this was at home. Cam caught it, admired it, and played with it before he released it. He was so proud of himself. I love you Dut, we all do and miss you so much!
Mom November 15, 2012
Zebra Swallowtail

Now isn't this a cool butterfly!

The love we shared is forever and ever.  Missing you so much Dusty.

Mom November 12, 2012
Missing you more and more
image This heartache I feel never leaves. It has become a constant in my life that I'm learning to live with.
Mom October 26, 2012
Brittney's Gift from You
image Dustin, This looks something like the gift you gave Brittney. She loved it.
Mom October 15, 2012
I love you!
image A butterfly Jigsaw puzzle just for you Son! So grateful that I can take you in my heart and mind everywhere I go.
Mom October 11, 2012
Thinking of you as always!

Hi Dut,

I found this butterfly and thought it was interesting. One that you would like.  I love you Son!

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