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Butterflies for Dustin
Mom August 13, 2012
Celebration of Sight 2012
image It wasn't hard for Jason to catch this beauty. Jason misses you Dustin. All of your friends do.
Mom August 13, 2012
A lovely Monarch
image The Monarch went from Ari's shirt to Tamara's finger. Innocent
Mom August 13, 2012
Zebra Longwing
image Feeding from a sage flower!
Mom August 13, 2012
Blue Pansey
image Beautiful
Mom August 13, 2012
A Symbol of Hope and New Life
image The butterfly is a symbol of hope,
the symbol of new life and
the symbol of those who are bereaved.
Before it becomes a butterfly though,
it must spend time in a cocoon.

We have to grieve, hurt, be angry, and
struggle to free ourselves from the cocoon of grief.
And one day we do emerge - a beautiful butterfly
a stronger person, a more compassionate person,
a more understanding person

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