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Life story
January 4, 1990
Born on January 4, 1990.

Dustin was born 3 weeks early.  He was ready to come into this world 6 weeks early, but the doctors put me on medication and bed rest until it was safe for Dustin to be born. My baby boy was beautiful from day one.  I was so happy that God answered my prayer to give Tamara and Devin a baby brother.

Dustin was very smart, bright and sweet from early on and his love for animals and nature started when he was 3 years old. In preschool he would have the entire class exploring all the bugs he ran across outside at playtime.  He loved art and thru the years became a pretty good artiist.  The world became a better place the day Dustin was born.
November 27, 2011
Passed away on November 27, 2011.

The day Dustin passed away was the worst day of our lives.  We couldn't understand it and still don't, but we do believe Dustin is our Angel in Heaven. Dustinwas saved and asked God to come into his life and to be his Savior when he was 12 years old. We are blessed to have God's promise to be with Dustin again one day. Not a day goes by that we don't talk about Dustin.  We miss him and love him so much and look forward to the day we are all together again. 

Dustin was in a bicycle accident on November 21, 2011.  The EMS driver rushed Dustin to University Hospital in New Orleans where he lived for 6 days in ICU.  Dustin wasn't wearing a helmet and his doctor said the impact was so hard he didn't think a helmet woud have helped.  My baby boy fought a good battle just as he always did, but God was ready for him to go home.  It hurts my heart, so I try not to think of the pain my son was in during those moments.  I try real hard to remember the great moments.  Because of God's love for us I know Dustin is no longer in pain and is watching over us. He's our ANGEL IN HEAVEN!