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Mom 8 months today :( July 27, 2012
My Dustin, these candles and roses are for you.
It's just crazy to think you went to heaven 8 months ago today. Not having you is no easier today than that day.  As time goes by day by day, little by little I learn to deal with losing you.  No matter how hard it is I know I have to be strong & keep going.  I know you would want me to be the strong mama you, Tamara and Devin know. I try hard to keep that in mind. I don't cry everyday anymore. Sometimes I go days without crying and then all of a sudden it hits me and I cry all over again just like the day I lose you. Those days come fast and sometimes out of nowhere, without a memory or a trigger. Sometimes tears pour down and I'm not crying. The tears just run.  I 'm trusting that God will get me through this and help me heal.  Your pictures and memories are all that we have and I feel so blessed and thankful for that. I love you Dusty Boo, my baby boy, I miss you like there's no tomorrow. You will never ever be forgotten! Teo misses you, Tamara misses you, Devin misses you, Darian misses you, Camryn misses you, Brittney misses you, your family misses you, and your friends miss you. Keep smiling and watching over us Son.  I love you with all my heart and soul.  Mom
Mom Your Alligator Story July 23, 2012
Hi Sweetie,
Yesterday Teo and I was in the backyard talking to Mr. Ken.  He's retired from the Navy now.  Ms Lisa is glad he's home and doesn't have to leave them anymore.  They were talking about alligators and snakes and Teo so proudly with a huge smile started  telling Ken about the day we moved to Fashion and you begged me to let you out the car coming up the blvd so you could join two gentlemen that were trying to help a hurt alligator that was in the middle of the road.  When Teo was telling the story I remember it like it was just yesterday.  I was so worried about you and the look you had was as if you had won a millon dollars. All you could say when you got back in the car was did you get a picture mom! Those were the good old days.  I miss those days so much and they are no words to describe how much I miss you. I love you son with all my heart.
Mom Uncle Charlie July 16, 2012
Dustin, Uncle Charlie is home for a while or maybe for good. We talked about you all weekend and told him about you and uncle Lando at Cam's party last October.  He loved hearing your stories.  He's enjoying Darian and Camryn.  He said it feels like you and Devin all over again.  He came to church with us yesterday and enjoyed being back at Celebration.  We remeinisced about how he found Celebration back in 2002 and how he sent us to the wrong church at first.  Do you remember that.  That was a funny day for you, Dev and I. I can remember that day like it was yesterday. I love you and I miss you so much. I'm getting stronger son. I don't cry everyday anymore and I'm getting real good at fighting back the tears. I'm trying real hard to understand God's plan for me. I do know that you are with him and he is still with us just as he has always been. Teo said it won't be too long that we will be together again.  Here's a big kiss for you. Kiss
Mom Darian's Turtle June 25, 2012
Hi Dusty,
Thanks for helping Darian find the little snapper on Father's Day.  Father's Day was so hard without you, but with the Grace of God, each other, Darian and Camryn (thank God for those two wonderful little boys) and your memories we got thru it just as we always do.  Teo made a delicious pastalaya and talked about how much you would have loved it. We thought about boiling shrimp the way he use to for you, but we just couldn't. The memory was to hard to bear.  Steven came by to visit and that was nice. We sat around after dinner and shared memories of you. We all miss you so much Son!  After we all ate dinner Tamara and I took the boys for a walk to Fashion One.  Camryn has been wanting to cross the railroad tracks. On our walk Darian spotted this little snapper, picked it up and walked a short distance until he saw an older man in front of his house and asked the man if he knew what type of turtle it was. You know how Darian is not afraid to ask anyone a question. :) The man said if he had to guess he would say it was a little snapper and said "the problem with the snapper is that if it would bite you it wouldn't let go to until the next rain".  HaHa!  After Darian heard that he thought about letting the turtle go.  I told him I think you should put the turtle in the ditch when we get home and he said I think I should let it go now.  Before he let it go Tamara and I snapped pics and took a video for you and for Teo. He just couldn't believe he found a turtle on the first Father's Day without you. He said you would have like it and I told him that you were probably watching us. :)  We miss you like crazy son.  It just doesn't seem fair, but as Tamara mentioned we have to trust in the Lord with all that we have.
Mom Missing you so much! June 12, 2012


So many times I go to Walmart in Luling and come out crying.   I think about when you use to work there and also at the Subway there.  I think about how many people you knew there. You use to brighten that place up. :) Sometimes I even ask employess do you remember Dustin Houston, he's my son and we talk and get to know each other a little.  I remember how I use to pick you up before you got your truck and Z and you would be waiting for me with fresh baked choc chip cookies and a Cola Icee for me.  I miss you so much son. I love you and can't wait until I see you again.
Mom Darian June 11, 2012
Hi Dut,
This past weekend  while Cam took a ride with Papi Teo to pick up pizza, Darian and I visited your website. He's been on it a few times before with Tamara. I let him stay on as long as he wanted. He loves looking at all your pics and singing along with the music. When he saw your frog he said that was his most favorite frog of all, but had a hard time trying to remember the type of frog it was.  I told him we will ask Brittney or uncle Devin that I was sure one of them would know.  As he looked at the pics he remembered the times and talked about them. He even gave me some ideas for your website.  I also showed the video of you filming Ari and Mr. Shane dancing.  Oh when he heard your laugh and your voice, he lit up like a Christmas Tree. Smile  He loves you and misses you so much.  Cam does too. 
Shanna Guillot Fine memories May 29, 2012

Although long ago, I can still feel like it was yesterday that we would ride together side by side. Your last name was 'H' and mine was 'G' so every year since kindergarten we would sit next to each other, but it was more than just sitting next to each other. We learned and watched each other grow for several years. I shared a part of me to you that I didn't share with many and vice versa. I can always remember being able to lean on your shoulders and you would always assure me that whatever life brought to me, you would always be there.You are what I defined as a 'true bestfriend' and I've always kept that structure of friendship. You would always look out for me and we dubbed ourselves 'The Misfits'. Even after the hurricane displaced us, we always found a way to stay connected. I can remember waking up on school mornings and never being excited to go to school, but more excitement of going to hang out with my pal Dustin. You made the most out of my years. I can still remember the sound of your laugh or the way your hazel eyes would light up. I can remember your phone calls and texts just before you passed.I can remember the days it would rain hard when I was leaving school and you would walk me home with the umbrella and let me wear your shoes if mine got soaked.I remember bargaining each other for school lunch and ALWAYS sitting next to each other on the bus. It broke my heart the day I got the news about you. I am just becoming less in denial and more understanding of the situation. I know how great you talked about your family. Your mom especially how she struggled to raise all of you and still got you the best treasures she could to make you guys happy. How much your brother and sister meant to you....and the new editions of nieces and nephews. You were such a great attribution to the world, and now God has you as his angel. I love and miss you so much my dear life long friend. See you in the skies. ♥

Shanna Guillot

Mom It's been 6 months 5/27/12 May 28, 2012
Dustin, We miss you so much! It's been a crazy 6 months. Our lives without you aren't the same and never will be. Trying real hard to work thru this thing called grief.  Sunday after church we went to bring you flowers.  Since Memorial Day was Monday we sported you some red, white, and blue flowers. :) The cemetery was more beautiful.  They did a great job honoring our falling soldiers.  We sat with Tamara and the boys had a small picinic and shared memories of you.  We love you Dustin and will carry you in our hearts until the day we see you again.
Mom Darian and Camryn May 25, 2012
Darian and Camryn play in the back yard for hours pretending you're there with them.   You left them with such good memoires.  Throught the years will always talk to them about you and show them your pictures.  Camryn is so little and I'm not sure he'll remember, but we are going to try hard to help him remember you and the wonderful time he had with you. We have tons of pics with you and Darian and many with Camryn.  They love and miss their uncle Dustin so much.
Mom Ride of Silence 2012 May 17, 2012
DUSTIN-  As we rode the Silent Ride last night we rode with you in ours hearts and mind.  During the ceremony Tamara spoke your name and mentioned how much you loved riding your bike.  Devin was so proud to ride for you.  I hadn't seen him so uplifted since before your accident.  We know you were with us we could feel your presence.  We love you Son with all that we have and will HONOR you until the day we are together again.
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