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Mom Your accident a year from today November 21, 2012
Hi Son,
Teo and I couldn't sleep last night thinking of this day a year ago. I remember it like it was yesterday. I remember that last text you sent me a few hours before your accident, I remember Tamara visiting with both you and Devin that day. I remember that phone call.  With all that the doctor told us about your condition I still had faith and knew you were going to get better and out of the ICU unit. What I didn't know and that God had a plan that I had no idea of.  I'm thankful for those six days with you in the hospital.  We got a chance to spend time with you, touch your body and see your beautiful  face even though you couldn't talk to us and we didn't know if you could hear us. We love you son! We miss you. Please surround us with your spirit. We need it. Innocent
Mom Brittney's Birthday November 7, 2012
Dustin, today is Nov. 7th, Britt's birthday. I took her out for birthday dinner and gave her a nice gift. (Oh how I wish you could have been there with us) We had a great time and shared memories and thoughts of you. She misses you, we all miss you. My heart goes out to her, but she's going to be fine because as you know Dustin, she's a smart & strong young woman.   Please fill Brittney with your spirit and continue to watch over her. I love you Son!
Mom Halloween 2012 November 4, 2012
Dusty, These bags were made with so much love. Briittney and I came up with this idea and thought it would be a perfect way to honor you. Tamara said you would be so proud. Giving out these bags made this Halloween the most special one ever. We felt your presence, your spirit with every bag we gave to the kids. As you know our neighborhood, we have many trick-or-treaters so lots of kids received the bags and hopefully read the safety tips. I love you Son and I will honor you until the day we are together again.  Missing you more and more if that's even possible.
Mom All Saints Day November 1, 2012
Sweet Dustin, We're thinking of you today as we do everyday. The love and memories we share is what keeps us going. Teo and I will be by as soon as I get off from work today. I love and miss you so much!
Mom OutKast at Tulane's 2003 Homecoming October 9, 2012
Dustin, I was on my way to work this morning and heard the song "Hey Ya" by OutKast. It brought back a memory of the day you and I went to see OutKast perform at Tad Gormley Stadium in City Park. . MTV brought OutKast to perform at halftime for the Tulane Vs Houston game in Oct. 2003.That was nine years ago  We had so much fun that day and I was so happy to be able to do that for you. I miss you Son with all my heart.
Mom Camryn's 4th Birthday October 8, 2012
Hi Dusty Boo,

Yesterday was Camryn's Bday and we missed you so much.  Tamara gave him a party as school. We remembered and talked about you dressing up as DJ Lance Rock at his birthday party last year. Memories that will be with us forever. You left us with so many in the short time we had you. I miss you Dustin. I love you! I'm trying to be strong, but sometimes I can't. Be with me Son. I need you.
Mom 10 months today September 27, 2012
Dustin, Look at these beautiful blue butterflies! We miss you so much. I think about you every single day and speak your name every single day. Last night Devin gave me the harmonica the two of you use to play.  He said y'all use to take turns playing and he wanted me to have it. I took it and told him I would put it in your bedroom along with all of your other things. This morning I took it out my purse played a little tune, smiled, thought of you and put it in your room. Continue to fill us with your memories and give us strength until we are all together again. We love you Son and I know you know how much we do.
Mom We wish we could pick up the phone and call you August 17, 2012
We think about you everyday. There is not one day that goes by that Teo, Tamara, Devin and I  don't mention your beautiful name.  We miss you so much. We wish we could pick up the phone and talk to you and tell you all the things that were left unsaid and tell you again the things you already know, like how much joy you brought to our life, how we wanted nothing but the best for you when you use to think we were being too strick. How much we love you and that we always will and how much we can't wait to see you again.
Mom Brittney August 15, 2012
Hi Dut, I saw Brittney the other night. We went shopping to buy her and Ari's gifts from you.  She was happy.  After shopping we went to dinner.  We had a good time catching up with each other and of course talked about you. She's so sweet, smart and beautiful. I can see why she was so special to you and why you love her so much.  It's amazing how you two have been good friends since 2002 and in love for some many years.  She loves you and misses you so much Son! The love you two shared will never die.
Mom Devin's 24th Birthday July 30, 2012
Good Morning Son,
I love you!  We celebrated Devin's birthday this past Saturday and we got thru it with you in our hearts and mind. I was worried about Dev on his first bday without you, but he was strong. I couldn't help thinking of you at Devin's party last year. I remember you, Tamara and the kids drove around to buy the things we needed and you and T decorating for the party. We miss you Son! A good part of the family was there including uncle Charlie and of course Will and Jason were there too. They are both very good friends of your and Dev's.  Will had Lidia with him and Jason had cute little Bryson with him. He's getting so big. I know how much you would have loved him and how much you would have helped Jason with him. You were so good with kids. Teo and I used to talk about the good dad you were going to be when you got married and had kids. Jason's a great dad and Bryson is a happy baby.  Devin's girfriend Michelle was there.  Yes, Devin's girlfriend.  He met her at Celebration. She's Camryn Sunday school teacher.  They seem to like each other a whole lot and I think she has been good for Devin. She comes to the cemetery with us sometimes and she hears alot of you stories. She's getting to know you and said she wish she could have met you.  The party was nice and the food was good.  I cooked red bean and rice with smoked sausage, picked meat and ham, potato salad and hot wings.  Tamara bought Devin's cake and it was delicious. We missed you that day and everyday. Loosing you is the hardest thing I ever went thru in my lifetime and living everyday without you is my biggest challenge in life. I love you Son! I wish you could be here with us. We all miss you so much. Keep watching over Devin and all of us.
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