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Dustin's Reptiles, Fish & Birds
Mom November 7, 2014
"Cute Riley"
image Ready for Britt's Birthday! (the quaker Dustin caught)
Mom November 7, 2014
Brittney's Birthday
image Check out Riley!  Celebrating Britt's Birthday!! LaughingLaughing
Mom October 30, 2012
Fishy Rainbows
image Hi Dut,

I saw the pics and thought of you. How cool are these fish. I love you Son!
Mom August 14, 2012
image An alligator Dustin had an encounter with! I wonder how that tape got on the gator's mouth.  Hmmm!
Mom August 14, 2012
Another pic of the Gator

There was hardly ever a dull moment with Dustin! Laughing 
What I would do to have those moments back again.

Mom August 14, 2012
image Skylar is another animal Dustin talked Tamara (his big sister) into buying. He actually picked Skylar out for her.  Dustin clipped Skylar's wings a couple of months before he went to Heaven. Tamara didn't want them clipped because she wanted him to be able to fly around, but Dustin insisted and said he was afraid that he will fly away, so Tamara let him clip the wings and to our surprise, the wings have not grown back yet. Surprised
Mom August 14, 2012
Dustin's Snake
image Dustin use to tease me with his snake.  He knew I didn't like snakes and got a big kick out of hearing me fuss and scream.
Mom August 14, 2012
Dustin's Frog
image Cute Frog!  I told Dustin this is the cutest frog I've ever since. Darian (his nephew) said it's his most favorite frog of all frogs..
Mom August 13, 2012
image Dustin and Brittney found Riley at Cucos. Is there any animal Dustin didn't find or catch! Smile
Mom August 13, 2012
Dustin's Catch
image Fishing was one of the many things he loved doing, but I thinking fishing was way at the top of his list. 

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